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We produce and distribute music and videos for a variety of popular interests.  Our CDs include specialty music for Modern Dance Technique Classes, Ballet Technique Classes, Dance Repertory Music, Tap Dance and Creative Movement.  We also have music for Easy Listening that appeals to all ages, music that has been or can be used in Theatre Productions, and a Relaxation CDs.  Some of our CDs tell stories with narration or suggest stories through music imagery and are popular as Music for Children.  Additionally, there are titles for general listening, and Videos, including a documentary video about the Archeology Society of Virginia.  The ASV Archaeology Video includes video footage of archaeology at Mount Vernon and of the ongoing prehistoric archaeological dig at the Cactus Hill Site, possibly the oldest man site in the western hemisphere.

There are MP3 SOUND FILES on this site so you can hear samples of various CDs. For a full list of all our products, visit our Products and Price List page.  There you can click through on product names for more information about various items on the list. For easy navigation on our web pages, visit our SITE MAP and if you would like us to mail you our Dance Music brochure or receive E-Mail notices of new products, feel free to Contact Us.  

We are always looking to represent new music and educational materials for dance!

Virginia Beach, Virginia
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