Stephen Barnes

Stephen accompanies at the Pacific Northwest Ballet and has also worked with notable ballet artists from wide and varied backgrounds including artists from companies like the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The Kirov, New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Bolshoi, and the Royal Danish Ballet as well as accompanying assorted international guest teachers.


Seattle Times Interview: Barnes Ballet

"... Barnes, one of the Pacific NW Ballet staff pianists who has worked with ballet masters of several other leading companies has evolved a particularly graceful style of classical based pianism that he uses in creating music to various tempos and moods. ....The music while suitable for professional and student level ballet class, also has it's extraballet applications; many find it restful to hear in the car (during stressful commutes) or home (lulling recalcitrant youngsters off to sleep). It's a good act-out tape for young kids who want to improvise dance movement at home."

Kabby Mitchell - Dance Theatre of Harlem
"Stephen creates tempos and moods for any exercise. He has no rival".

Francia Russell - New York City Ballet/Artistic Director PNB

"Steve has composed several works commissioned for new choreography. It would be almost impossible to imagine our organization without him. I am pleased to give Steve Barnes the very highest recommendation".

Jonathan Watts - San Francisco Ballet

"Ballet Class in America is one of the best examples of this genre. The music is functional; has wit, charm, and often inspires".

Flemming Halby - Royal Danish Ballet

"I find Ballet Class in America very suitable to be published in the growing market of students and teachers in constant search for new music and variety in their classes".

Janet Reed-Erskine - Soloist, New York City Ballet

"Stephen's improvisations for class are always delightful and now when I listen to them without the dancing they seem like songs without words. His improvisations stand on their own".

Nina Danilova - Kirov Ballet

"This work is representative of the very highest international standards of Ballet practice. The clean rhythm and meter, pleasant and varied melodies, expressive character of every independent musical excerpt, speak of the talent and high professional mastery of this composer/performer".



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