Films That Dance

DVD of five dance films
choreographed and directed by award-winning dance filmmaker,
Cynthia Pepper.

FIlms That Dance - DVD by Cynthia Pepper

Films That Dance features five dance films with a total running time of 30 minutes that were created for worldwide television distribution. These innovative films feature young dancers from ages 13-19 years old. The films have won a total of 11 international dance and film awards. They have been purchased by many television markets and the New York Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center Also, the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) has successfully reviewed Films that Dance.   Cynthia Pepper has produced dance films and commercials  for Sesame Street, PBS, Xanadu Entertainment, The Performing Arts Channel, Hilton Hotels, Mars Candy Bars and many libraries, dance departments and museums. She is an active dance teacher and choreographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.


#1 Parameta   Six 12-year old dancers explore movement and grief through performing a work based on their own personal life experiences.

Films That Dance DVD - Cynthia Pepper

#2 SandDance Filmed at Gorilla Rock Beach in Northern California, this multi award-winning film shows how 12 dancers explore the beach, sand, rocks, and what it would be like to live in the water forever.

Films That Dance DVD - Cynthia Pepper


#3 ZYNC Three 13-year old dance prodigies show the true meaning of rehearsal, performance, and all the many challenges of dancing together.




#4 Making "The Gift"   A docu-dance film featuring Klezmer music juxtaposed with voice over of high school dancers expressing their own personal meaning of dance.

Films That Dance DVD - Cynthia Pepper

#5 Dancers Outside Three 17-year old dancers move
outdoors together using the number three (3) as the inspiration for movement, phrasing, music and creating dance shapes.


Films That Dance DVD - Cynthia Pepper

Films That Dance is $24.00

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