Doug Gurwell

Doug Gurwell is a Los Angeles based musician.  He began studying piano at an early age with his mother as his teacher, then later with such notable jazz pianists as Herb Mickman and Rob Mullins. He also studied privately with studio trumpet players, Ollie Mitchell, and Uan Rasey.  He is also an accomplished bass player and arranger. 

Doug served as a staff writer, bassist, and keyboardist for Rainbow Records in Hollywood for many years, and has recorded in many studios, including movie soundtrack with Elmer Berstein, as well as for various pop & rock groups, with producer Dito Godwin, including Great White and singer Jack Russell. 

Doug’s music has been recorded by jazz saxophonists Bruce Eskovitz and Garner Thomas. He has appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and for Comcast cable channel G-4 program, Attack of the Show.  In 2008, he released his first solo CD, entitled, “The Cookie Jar”, for which he wrote and arranged all the music and lyrics.  His second solo CD, Make Me Smile, was released in Japan in April of 2010, where he performed for enthusiastic audiences. His music and performances were shown on cable TV, and heard on FM radio in  Tokyo, Japan.

In the last few years, he has focused his efforts towards the dance community, composing more than 60 songs for ballet and contemporary dance music.  These compositions have been recorded by Yoshi Gurwell on the last three volumes of her well-regarded CD series, Music for Ballet Lovers.  He has also been a guest player on several of these CDs. 

Most recently, he composed, performed, and produced the CD, Dance in the Clouds, which is written for jazz, modern contemporary, hip-hop, and tap routines for dance classes.  There has been great response to his style of dance music.


 Dance in the Clouds 

Dance in the Clouds - For Dance Routines by Doug Gurwell

Dance in the Clouds - for Dance Routines

CD is $15.00

Inner Rhythms - Dance Routines 2 by Doug Gurwell

Inner Rhythms - Dance Routines 2

CD is $15.00

Daydreamin - Jazz CD by Doug Gurwell


CD is $12.00


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