West African Rhythms - Volume I

A Dance CD by


Roderick Jackson & Ensemble

West African Rhythms - Volume I CD


West African Rhythms Vol. 1 contains 5 long tracks of steady rhythms originating from the countries of Guinea, Mali, and Senegal. The residents of these countries are linked by a shared heritage, which can be traced back to the Old Mali Empire.  As each region has developed their own nuances in the playing of these rhythms, the arrangements on these tracks have been designed to encoumpass a variety of such regional nuances.

The instruments:

Ayanda Clarke - Djembe
Earl "Winter" Spencer - Dundun, Songba, Kinkini, Bell
Gregory Ince - Djembe, Balafon
Roderick Jackson - Djembe, Shekere
Sekou O'Uhuru - Djembe

Total Playing Time  44:44."

Track Title

Track Time

Rhythm Descriptions
by Ayanda Clarke

1.  Kou Kou


Kou kou, from the Beyla region of Guinea, is danced for ceremonies and celebrations

2.  Lamban


Originally the music and dance of the Jaliyaa, the hereditary caste of musicians/oral historians. Lamban is now popularly performed at special occasions such as weddings and circumcisions in Guinea, Mali and Senegal

3.  Mandiani


In the Kayes region of Mali, Mandiani is performed after a harvest. Mandiani has become extremely popular in the U.S.

4.  Sounou


This is a dance of celebration and rejoicing performed by men and women of the Karta region of Mali following a harvest

5.  Dundunba


"The dance of the strong men." Among the Malinke of Guinea there are more than 20 different Doundounba rhythms. Each variation centers around the melodic conversation between the dundun, sangban, and kenkeni. Originally performed by wrestlers, Doundounba is currently performed by men and women and is regarded by many as the national rhythm and dance of Guinea

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West African Rhythms - Volume I is $20.00 for the Single CD.
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