Dancing Worlds

Modern Dance CD by John Sprague

Dancing Worlds CD

14 pieces for Modern Dance combinations & improvisation.
Varied instrumentation including percussion, flutes, organ, piano, voice, horn and others.

John Sprague-- Dancing Worlds:
Improvisational world music for dance and other joys.
"A haunting hour long journey through many worlds of rhythm and sound. Features resonant percussion grooves,soaring flutes,and piano improvisations, moving from "primitive" tribal sounds to modern jazzy jams.  
Designed for modern dance classes, movement exploration, as well as contemplative listening, this CD is a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist, Peter Jones, long-term creator of music for dance.

Dancing Worlds backcover

"This music comes directly from years of work with modern and improvisational dance, and is also inspired by global and American improvised music."

1.  Prelude

warm-up 4/4

2.  Wind and Earth

warm-up 4/4

3.  The Village

lively 4/4

4.  Call of the Muse

medium 4/4

5.  Swami's Dance

quick 3/4

6.  Nadagio

slow 4/4

7.  Dance Ground

driving 4/4

8.  Purple Beads

medium 4/4

9.  Worlds Above

driving 6/8

10. In a Groove

upbeat 3/4

11. Marindia

medium-slow 4/4

12. Evocation

strong 4/4

13. Remembering Her Voice

spacious 4/4

14. Postlude:Peaceful World

gentle 4/4

  Excerpts of Dancing Worlds are in MP3 format.
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Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of The Village - Track 3

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Nadagio - Track 6

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Dance Ground - Track 7

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of In A Groove - Track 10

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Evocation - Track 12


Dancing Worlds is $17.00 for the Single CD.

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