Moving Spaces

John Sprague

Moving Spaces CD

12 pieces for Modern Dance combinations & improvisation.  


Moving Spaces
*  Just Nominated for best instrumental album in the "2002 Just Plain Folks Music Awards"

** Plus: Track 2 - Early Sun - Dance was nominated for best instrumental song.
(Just Plain Folks is an independent music organization which reviews thousands of albums in catagories from Rock to Jazz to classical.)

Moving Spaces:
Improvisational music for movement, dance, and contemplation. The follow-up to Dancing Worlds, this beautifully crafted album features an outstanding array of performers on percussion, flutes,cello, keyboards,and guitar. Ranging from Rennaisance dance to Santana-esque jams, this album offers a moving tapestry of melody, rhythmic grooves, flute & guitar solos, and rich contemplations. Both albums include meter and tempo information so teachers can make quick choices in class.

John Sprague - flutes, percussiion, piano
Peter Jones - percussion
Stephen Katz - cello
John Cantallini - guitars
Miro Sprague - Piano and Organ
Joe Fitzpatrick - drums
Jim Flynn - bass
Chris Yerlig - didgerdoo


1.  Early Sun - Prelude


2.  Early Sun - Dance

medium 3/4

3.  Five Conversation

fast 5/4

4.  Mayan Swing

medium 4/4

5.  Requiem

slow 4/4

6.  Walkabout

medium 4/4

7.  Dance of the Bird Tribes

moderate 3/4 groove

8.  Jamtana

driving 4/4

9.  Segal in Love

strong 3/4

10. Shamans in the City - 4am

fast 6/8

11. Three to the Sea

3/4 within a slow 4/4

12. Waltzing in the Heart

3/4 within a slow 4

  Excerpts of Moving Spaces are in MP3 format.
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Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Track 2 - Early Sun - Dance

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Track 3 - Five Conversations

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Track 8 - Jamtana

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Track 10 - Shamans in the City 4AM

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Track 12 - Waltzing in the Heart


Moving Spaces is $17.00 for the Single CD.

CDs by John Sprague:  Moving Spaces, Dancing Worlds


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