Noise of Choice


Percussion CD by Tigger Benford

Noise of Choice CD                Noise of Choice - backcover

Ten Percussion pieces for Modern Dance combinations.  

These pieces are divided into 2 sets.  

Tracks 1-5 are for marimba with percussion overdubbing.  Benford's marimba style is influenced by African Instrumental traditions as Kora and m'bira.


Tracks 6-10 use softer sounding hand drums such as tabla and frame drums.  Some tracks have rhythmic vocals.  Mark Stewart (now with Paul Simon's band) adds a mandicello track and Phil Hamilton (of Pat Methany Band) adds a stunning vocal track.

 Most of these tracks keep the same opening tempo and rhythmic pattern throughout the length of the track.  Also good for inprovisation.


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Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of The Blue Cruise

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Elephant's Memory

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Mark 4

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Kesh

Listening  Play or Download an excerpt of Ode To Bo


Noise of Choice is SOLD OUT 

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